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At Fuuse, we invest in our relationships, that's our strength. Because ultimately, everyone benefits from that.
Three parties are involved in a match; the most important is you. Candidates usually prepare themselves excellently for a job interview. Many employers could learn from that, especially in the current tight market.

Bij Fuuse investeren we in onze relaties, dat is onze kracht. Want uiteindelijk wordt iedereen daar beter van.
Kandidaten bereiden zich doorgaans uitstekend voor op een sollicitatie. Veel werkgevers kunnen daar een voorbeeld aan nemen. Zeker in de huidige krappe markt. Bij een match zijn drie partijen betrokken, en de allerbelangrijkste ben jij.

1. Know what you want

The more precise your idea of what you need, the greater the chance of success. Talk to the hiring manager, the team, and future direct colleagues about their needs. Also, consider plans in your questions. Then, talk to a recruiter. Don't get us wrong, we're happy to help you. But we'd instead run in the right direction.

2. Know what you're asking for

Do you have enough understanding of the market? Know the dynamics, know the steps. Consult with your recruiter on what is realistic, including salary. And realize that a tight market requires some flexibility. If you keep your frameworks flexible, the chances of a match will increase significantly. Your recruiter is happy to think along with you.

3. Invest in the conversation

It really helps. Check a CV before the interview, not during. Discuss candidates with the team, involve a direct colleague in the second interview. Be specific about the job and development opportunities. And don't make it an interrogation. Look for a conversation and give the candidate enough space to ask questions. The most challenging part: stay open-minded and let go of your prejudices.

4. Don't waste time

Things can move quickly, especially in finance. Don't waste time, don't hesitate. Make progress in the conversation and act decisively within a defined process.

5. See the bigger picture

Stay focused on a CV or the big or small name of the current employer. Look at hard and soft skills, read the person before you. What does this person want? What else is the candidate interested in? What are they looking for in their working life? And can you as an employer, offer that?

6. Make sure someone lands

Have you hired your ideal candidate? Make sure they integrate well into the organization and prevent them from feeling disconnected. Provide onboarding and assign a buddy within the team. Make sure to have regular feedback with the hiring manager during the first months, not just at formal moments. Again, give the new colleague plenty of space to ask questions and address uncertainties. The sooner a colleague feels at home, the sooner they can fully contribute.

7. Stay in touch

The match is made, and the deal is closed. Our advice: stay in touch. With the new colleague, the hiring manager, and the recruiter. With attention to each other and updates back and forth, you improve your insight into the process and its effectiveness. That's how we continually improve our matching process.

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