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Gerard de Koning


You probably know this better than anyone. There are interims, and then there are interims. Some focus on transformation projects, while others solely work on annual accounts. And then some are perfectly content with temporarily filling in for a pregnant accountant. Where do you fit in?

The Automation Specialist

Business processes can always be more efficient. As a process specialist, you are on top of matters from end to end. You can easily set up P2P, R2R, and O2C processes, and integrate a new ERP package. You enjoy a challenge and know where you can make a difference.

The Change Manager

Sitting still is not an option for a change manager who thrives on movement. You can oversee complex situations, work well with people, and steer changes in the right direction. You can maximize existing processes or implement changes as a program or transformation manager. Projects are your thing, whether it be integration, outsourcing, offshoring, or post-M&A processes. You fix things and move forward. That's what you're here for.

The Workhorse

It doesn't all have to be so dynamic for you. Replacing someone or temporarily helping is what you enjoy. Your strong point is simply doing your job well. You step in somewhere, quickly understand the organization, essential processes, and know who you need to talk to. You understand the dynamics, do what needs to be done, and let people know if you see room for improvement.

The Accountant

As an interim accountant, you can quickly get a handle on a new job. Switching gears is in your system. You think in numbers, are determined, and can quickly adapt to a situation, culture, or system. Whether preparing or auditing annual accounts, working for a company internally or for an accounting firm, you are always loyal to your client.

The Financial Business Partner

No one understands looking forward to numbers better than you. No one is happy with stagnation, especially not you. Data-driven entrepreneurship is about movement. You can make things measurable, create insight, and think beyond that to define business opportunities and make decisions. You partner with your client, and together, you get a clear picture of the future, no matter your chosen scenario.

The Financial-Technical Specialist

For financial-technical work, we call you. You are qualified as an RA, prepare annual reports, and help with group consolidations. You can easily handle IFRS implementations. As an annual accounts’ specialist, you delve into the numbers, answer auditor questions, and write position papers.

The Firefighter

If something isn't quite right, you're in your element. In a high-dynamic environment, you act decisively and action-oriented.. You quickly tackle a problem, clean up, and move on. Crisis management, a restructuring, you've been there. You love it.

The New Financial Leader

As a commercial CFO, you are the new kid on the block. You understand the numbers but also have a significant amount of charisma. You are commercial and communicative. You can easily spar with the CEO as well as with sales. You understand everyone's interests and combine them in your substantiated and convincing vision.

The Builder

You can make something out of nothing. You can rebuild a department, set up and create teams, or create a new position. Or, your client may be in the pre-IPO phase, and you set up the reporting and ensure that everything runs smoothly for the IPO.

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We are looking for new temporary workers every day, also with your skills!

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