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Imagine you're searching for a new job in finance. You’re already one step ahead if you know what an employer is looking for. Therefore, delve into the job posting and company culture. Show who you are and how you approach business during your interview.

1. Know what you want

Everyone's career benefits from having a clear goal. If you need clarification, we're happy to help. Within a career, everyone develops differently. You change as a person, and as a professional. Are you an eternal Big Four accountant? Or are you looking for adventure? Do you prefer stability or temporary jobs? Whatever you choose, make your next step a conscious one.

2. Know what you can do

Be honest about your skills, even with yourself. Everyone can grow but realistically, assess your current abilities. Determine which skills you want to develop and take that into account when choosing your new position as a business controller, accountant, or finance manager. And also, where you're going to do it. Culture is everything.

3. Know who you're going to talk to

One company is different from another, we know that better than anyone. Are you going for an interview? Delve into the company. What exactly do they do, what are their financials like? Check on LinkedIn who you will talk to and view the backgrounds of your future colleagues. Of course, we'll also help you with your preparation. We know who you will speak to, what skills they're looking for, and how you can stand out.

4. Know what's required

Refrain from relying on the job title, but read what's requested in the job posting. Therefore, be well-prepared. Be aware of technical questions and think of examples that illustrate your soft skills beforehand. What difficult situation did you encounter in your career, and how did you solve it? And what did you learn from it? The more concrete, the better.

5. Ask the right questions

A new job has a greater impact on you than on your employer, so you're the one who should be asking questions. And the better prepared you are, the better your questions. Think about this beforehand. What's the dynamic within the company? Is the organization changing or is it a slow company that needs the patience to achieve its goals? Consider carefully whether a company really suits you. Because only an accurate match helps all parties move forward.

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