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Retaining potential talent in finance is a challenge. As a personal recruiter in finance, Fuuse provides tips: invest, communicate, and stay in touch

A New Challenge



Everyone wants to move forward, and your most talented people, perhaps even more so. As recruiters in finance, we know better than anyone why high potentials eventually start looking around. We see it regularly. Read here about the challenges financial talent faces and how to retain people.

An Industry in Motion
The financial sector is under significant pressure. The job market is tight, and talent has many job options. LinkedIn closely monitors the trends.

Invest in Your People
It's all about commitment. Take good care of your people, listen to their wishes, and invest in their development. It sounds simple, but are you sure your company scores well on all those points? Trust your employees in their expertise and give them responsibility. Look out for each other and show that you are there for each other. This creates genuine engagement.

Make Change Discussable
Everyone leaves for a reason. Some people have ambitions abroad or aspire to a management position but feel their current employer needs help to fulfil this wish. So they move to a party that can. Sometimes, that's a shame. Not only talent and ambition leak away, but also valuable knowledge and a piece of the company culture, the big story. Always think along with people ready for the next step, even - or especially - if they add much value to their current role. Be critical of a manager's judgment and, above all, listen to the employees themselves. Create a culture where change is discussable. Come up with suggestions or outline scenarios. Take individual wishes into account and learn from patterns.

Keep in Touch
Genuine interest is essential. Think beyond meetings and keep a finger on the pulse. And if someone unexpectedly changes jobs or goes freelance, keep in touch. A brief, exciting message via LinkedIn gives a professional relationship a human touch. And that connects.

1,7 years

is the average time until someone changes jobs


professionals work in finance in the Netherlands.


of these professionals changed jobs last year.


of all finance professionals work in the Randstad area.

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