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A New Job: What Should You Pay Attention To?

When you change jobs, you want to be sure you are moving forward regarding salary, career, and personal development. You want that certainty before you start, not just during your trial period. If we get to know you, we also know where you belong. That's why Fuuse invests in you.

During the application process, there is more room than you think to discover what you're applying for. What is the company culture like, and what does the role involve? What is the dynamic within the department? Are there significant changes coming up? We ask our clients to be open and honest about these things. And you can also ask them yourself during your first or second interview. You can learn a lot about your future role and work environment with a few simple questions.

How does the team work?

You can discuss this briefly or at length. A longer talk is preferred. Although you don't have to participate, it tells much about the culture. What is the composition like? Where does each person's responsibility lie, is the atmosphere collegial, how long have people been there, and do they see each other outside of work?

How does communication with your manager go?

Ask HR and the hiring manager how your work will be evaluated and how evaluations will take place. Is there a development plan or learning budget? Is this done on the job, or is actual time made for it? And does it work in practice?

What will you be judged on?

Are you applying for a job with challenging targets, or are your soft skills also valued? The appreciation system of a company tells you a lot about the culture. Ask about it, so you can better assess whether you will fit in there.

What is the available development budget?

Are your hard skills up to date for your new job, or could you use an update? Growth is good for you and your employer. Is the company you're applying to set up for that? Ask about it and find out how many people make use of it.

How about hybrid working?

What is the balance like at your new job? Many professionals have become accustomed to it. Less travel time, more personal responsibility. Being judged on your goals, not your presence. But of course, you should keep sight of your colleagues. And there is still no virtual alternative to the proverbial chat at the coffee machine.

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