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Daniel Titus


Manager Finance Recruitment
Has been working at Fuuse since early 2022

I wanted to become a professional football player, but unfortunately, that dream didn't come true. So, I decided to pursue sports journalism instead. I worked as a news and sports reporter for some time and discovered that I enjoyed working with people, and connecting with them the most. Recruitment is a perfect fit for me because I have a talent for it and genuinely appreciate it. My sales experience and Master's in Politics, Communication, and Organization complement my work.

What do I find the most enjoyable about working at Fuuse?
I love the atmosphere and accessibility within the team. We can all be ourselves, and I feel I can make a real impact here. The work itself is fantastic: from searching, finding, and speaking with all the candidates with their unique stories to getting that perfect match between the client and candidate.

What was my most memorable match?
If I had to pick one, it would be placing a candidate as a financial controller. It was a perfect step for her; she was exactly who the client sought. The communication with the candidate was relaxed and transparent, and the interaction with the client was also pleasant. In this process, I acted as a sparring partner, and we always found a good next step together.

What was I doing five years ago?
I had just moved from Zutphen to Amsterdam, and I was wrapping up my career in journalism to focus on my Master’s in Politics, Communication, and Organization.

What do I see myself doing in five years?
Help even more people find a new job and train more new colleagues to become a complete recruiter.

What do I do when I'm not working?
I spend much time in the gym with a colleague, playing basketball with friends or watching basketball or other sports together. I also enjoy going on trips, visiting family, dancing, going out, cooking, and watching movies and TV shows. There's almost too much to mention!
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