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Looking for an interim assignment in accounting, financial control, reporting, business control & FP&A, finance management, or audit, risk & treasury? Fuuse can help

A Flying Start



Are you looking to work as an independent contractor in finance? We're here to help. Together, we'll maximise your potential. You're off to a great start with your skills and qualities, along with our market knowledge. Read this piece and give your interim career a flying start!

1. Choose Your Path

You're entering a new era with new opportunities. Before you enter the market as an interim professional, it's handy to think about what you want. Where does your passion lie? What is your goal? Having a good understanding of the playing field is useful for positioning yourself. Fuuse is happy to assist you. Our insights into market demand and trends can guide your interim career.

2. Establish a Financial Foundation

As an interim professional, it's essential to have your finances in order before starting assignments. Consider your pricing, setting up an accounting system, and building a financial buffer. We're here to help. Fuuse can advise you on financial matters and connect you with suitable professionals such as accountants or tax advisors. Or would you prefer to handle it yourself?

3. ZZP or BV?

Many interim professionals start as sole proprietors (ZZP), and most remain so. The main difference between ZZP and BV is that as a sole proprietor, you are professionally and personally liable. With a BV (private limited company), the business is a legal entity, keeping your personal assets separate. Additionally, it's easier to hire employees and transfer ownership with a BV. While a BV used to be more tax advantageous, that's no longer true.

4. Utilize Our Network

With our connections in the financial sector, we can introduce you to potential clients and other professionals. This saves you from reinventing the wheel and increases your chances of finding interim assignments while making valuable connections.

5. Set an Appropriate Rate

With our market knowledge, we can assist you in determining an appropriate rate for an interim professional. We understand the value of your soft skills and experience and can advise you on establishing fair and competitive pricing.

6. Enhance Your Skills

As an interim professional in finance, it's crucial to continue investing in your professional growth. Stay updated on industry developments, attend training sessions occasionally, and expand your skill set. Not sure where to start? We can help you find relevant training and suitable courses with sought-after certifications.

7. Stay Informed

At Fuuse, we understand which roles and skills are in demand. We have insights into the sector's needs and can guide you in strengthening your competitive position.

8. Positioning and Promotion

As an interim professional, presenting yourself effectively and highlighting your strengths is essential. Tell us what makes you unique and which direction you want to grow. By sharpening your profile, you can stand out in the market and steer your interim career.

9. Keep Your Word

As a finance professional, integrity, and reliability are paramount. This applies to permanent positions and doubly as an interim professional. Communicate clearly and honour your commitments. Only then will clients return to you.

10. Maintain Connections

The most crucial step: tell the world you're going interim! Maintain your network and online platforms like LinkedIn. Additionally, staying in touch with clients and a recruiter you feel comfortable with is valuable. Keep them updated on your availability, recent assignments, and experiences. Success!

Ready to start interim work? Schedule a no-obligation appointment with Fuuse now. We're here to help you get started.
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